Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (421-569)

16 11 2009

I’ve finished up reading this book, and I am definitely satisfied with it.  The ending was very exciting, and definitely surprised me.  I really did not expect for the bad guy to be who he was.  Also, the numerous plot twists in the last 100 or so pages were really shocking.  One part that I would change about the ending would be how the antagonist survives a helicopter crash.  The whole scene is very unbelievable, and it kinda makes the book turn more into a completely fictional story, instead of a believeable thriller.  But other that that I wouldn’t change a thing about the book.

I was also happy that one of my two predictions did end up coming true, but my other prediction ended up being way off.

I would say that the best part of the book would be when Langdon fights the Hassasin in a fountain in the middle of Rome.  The whole scene is very exciting, and the way Langdon survives is amazing.  Other parts that I liked would be when Langdon is trapped in an airtight vault, and has to figure out a way to escape before he suffocates.  The only part that somewhat disappointed me was the ending.

If you were thinking about possibly seeing the movie Angels & Demons, here is the Trailer.  Angels & Demons Trailer


Angels & Demons (318-420)

30 10 2009

I’m pretty sure that I’m right in the middle of the climax of the story right now, and I had a really tough time stopping where I did.  I can’t wait until the next time I get to pick up my book so I can dive back into this suspenseful story.  Lately when I’ve been reading I’m almost feeling nervous for the characters, such as Langdon and Vittoria.  Robert Langdon, the main character, has recently been in several near-death situations, that make me wonder whether he will live or die.  I can feel my heartbeat speed up whenever I’m reading these situations.  Very few books make me this excited!

As for what is believable in this book, I believe that CERN is a real institute, and all of the historical mentions, such as the statues and churches Langdon is searching for in Rome, are also real.  Additionally I can believe that there is a secret society called the Illuminati.  However, I highly doubt that this organization could penetrate so deeply into the Vatican, and I don’t think that they’d be able to kidnap and kill so many important figures as easily as they did in the story.  Finally, I find the whole concept of antimatter unbelievable.


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Angels & Demons (203-317)

26 10 2009

This book has really taken off now!  It started off slow, then got a little better, but now I hate to put it down at all.  Robert Langdon and Vittoria Vetra discovered that an ancient group, called the illuminati, were determined to destroy the catholic church.  Literally.  My favorite parts of the book are when Robert Langdon gets a clue that will help find the Illuminati in time to save the church, but he dosen’t know what it means.  Then he will go in to a brainstorming mode, and go through all of his memories and knowledge to somehow come up with an answer to the riddle, which leads Vittoria and him one step closer to figuring out the over-all question.

This is St. Peters Square, located in Vatican City.  Much of the action so far in the story takes place here.

This is St. Peters Square, located in Vatican City. Much of the action so far in the story takes place here.

I’ve also got a few more preditions about the remaining parts of the book.  I’m guessing that Kohler, the director of the organization CERN, will end up being the head master of the Illuminati.  He seems like a cold type of person, who had a bit of a grudge against religion in the beginning of the book, so that may be why he wants to destroy the Catholic church.  He also has the resources that would be needed to pull off the attack.  He is a genius, has access to amazing technology, had access to the antimatter, and he is very well connected.  I also think that in the end of the story Langdon and Vittoria will end up being a couple, because the book is starting to hint that they like each other.

Angels & Demons (103-203)

19 10 2009

The first hundred or so pages of this book started off a bit too slow for my taste.  But the story definitely picked up in the next hundred.  My favorite part of the novel so far is a pretty easy choice.  The section that sticks out the most to me would have to be when Vittoria Vetra takes Robert Langdon and Kohler down into her and her father’s lab.  The lab is full of high-tech equipment, and mind-blowing experiments.  The lab is even surrounded by a high powered particle collider.  Which shoots tiny particles at each other until they collide at amazingly high speeds, to break them into smaller bits that they can study.  During one of the experiments Vittoria’s father, who has now been killed, found that when you collide particles at high speeds something incredible happens, and the result of the collision could be a huge breakthrough in science.  But, when they get into the lab they find that the result had been stolen.  This shocked me when I heard, and I’m guessing that this is the event that will get the rest of the book going.  I predict that most of the story will be about Langdon trying to recover the results, and also trying to solve the mystery of the Illuminati.

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Angels & Demons (1- 102)

12 10 2009

I just finished reading The Davinci Code, by Dan Brown, and I really enjoyed reading it.  It was one of the best books I’ve ever read.  So when I heard that he had written another similar book, with the same main character, I knew I had to read it.  My mom had also told me that the book is just as good as the DaVinci Code, if not better, so that added to my eagerness to read this book.

This is the symbol found on the dead body.

This is the symbol found on the dead body.

The book starts off when Robert Langdon gets woken up in the middle of the night with a call from some mysterious person, saying that he needs him to help solve a murder.  Langdon refuses, but the man persists and eventually gets Langdon to agree to help by showing him an ancient symbol that was found on the body.  I thought that this was a great beginning to the book, and it really got me hooked right away.  After the first few chapters I was already wondering who this secretive caller could possibly be, and what the symbol on the dead person could mean.  The book is pretty easy to read, but it does mention historical events quite a bit, and I’m not always familiar with the event.  So it can be a little confusing at times, but not too much.

The DaVinci Code (Pages 301- The End)

4 10 2009

Over the weekend I finsihed up reading The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown.  I have to say that it was one of the best books that I have ever taken the time to read.  Or it’s at least in the top ten anyways.  The ending was a shocker, that I did not see coming.  I was totally not expecting Teabing to be the Teacher, which is the main bad guy in the story.  It completely blindsided me.  I was pretty sure that the Teacher would either be some rich evil guy, or the chief of the French Police, Fache.  After thinking about it for awhile, it does make sense that Teabing would be the teacher.  He definetely had the money to bankroll all the activities that were going on, he had connections all over the world, and he had the most knowledge of the Grail of anyone on Earth, according to Langdon.

Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks in the movie.

Robert Langdon, played by Tom Hanks in the movie.

I think the best parts of the book would have to be all the parts where Langdon and Sophie are really close to being captured by the French police, but then they come up with some ingenius escape.  Those parts always get my mind racing, thinking about how they could possibly find a way out of this situation.  There weren’t many parts that I disliked in this book, the whole story flowed extremely well and kept me interested at almost all times.  If I had to pick one part that got a little boring it would be the time when they were in the bank trying to get Sophie’s grandpa’s next clue, i think it could’ve been shortened a little bit.

The DaVinci Code (Pages 1-300)

28 09 2009

The Davinci Code is an extrememly exciting, and thrilling story.  It’s set in France and starts with murder, a police chase, and plenty of puzzles to keep you thinking.  I chose to read the book for a few reasons.  First of which is that it was recommended to me by several people, who all said it was a wonderful book.  They told me that it has a lot of historical information in it, and history is one subject that I am very interested in.  The book created a lot of controversey when it was first released, due to it’s claims that Jesus Christ had been married, and even had a child.  So I also wanted to see what everyone was upset about.

The DaVinci Code

My favorite character in The DaVinci Code has to be the main character, Robert Langdon.  He is a professor of symbolism at a very prestigous American college, and was brought into the mystery by the dead curator of the Louvre museum.  I like Langdon for a few reasons.  First of all he solves problems using his mind, instead of just blowing stuff up like in a lot of books.  He can find another clue to the mystery in the book, and solve it quickly using all of his past knowledge of ancient symbols and how they relate to historical events.  Also, I like his sense of humor.  He is sarcastic at points, which is similar to my style of humor, so I can relate to him.