Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz (1-71)

25 01 2010

Well I found this book by chance but I’m really happy that I did.  My friend loaned it to me for free reading day and it sure has started off very strongly.

The book’s main character, Alex Rider, is a teenager who has been recruited by the British government to become a spy.  He reminds me of James Bond, but a lot younger.  The book starts off with Alex being in a hospital recovering from a gunshot wound he suffered in the last book in the series.  One night when he is walking around the hospital a group of bad guys walk in looking to kidnap the person in the room next to him.  He uses the enviroment to take them all out in extremely creative ways, but ends up getting captured in the end.  Right now I’m at the point where he is attempting to escape from his captors, and it is really intense.  This is definitely my favorite part of the book so far.  I love how he uses his mind and creativity to work through tough situations.  Can’t wait to finish up this book!

A picture of Alex Rider in the movie based on the book.




2 responses

25 01 2010

Sounds cool! Have you read the other books in the series?

26 01 2010

Are you and bloglain also gonna read these books now? Just wondering, if so i might join yall

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