Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (224-400) Finished

21 01 2010

Woah this was a great book!  If I had to rank it in with the other books I’ve already read for English class it would have to be a very close second to Angels & Demons by Dan Brown.  That book is one of my all time favorites and would be hard to beat, but Jurassic Park came very close.

Although the whole book is filled with action with the exception of a few sections that drag on a bit, my favorite part would definitely be the beginning of the book.  I just love how the author jumped from character to character with interesting little stories to get you used to all the characters.  Then he would slowly begin to connect each character to the dinosaurs and the story just took off from that point.

I think the title to the book fits very well, and it is very noticeable because of the movies.  The only downside to the title is that it gives away the plotline a little bit, since you don’t actually find out about the park until you’re well into the book.  But it’s not really that big of a deal.  Another possible title may have been “Trouble in Paradise.”  It is a catchy enough name and it dosen’t give any hints about the plot.

Here is another review of the book.




2 responses

23 01 2010

I agree that this was a great book. I like your title suggestion!

25 01 2010

I know how you feel about the beggining being the best, it was the same for me, authors can make such good hooks sometimes.

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