The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (406-509) End

14 12 2009

I have finished reading this book and I think that Dan Brown has really let me down with this one.  It seems to me that he is just recycling the same plot over and over with a few new twists in each one that make them somewhat exciting.  However, the problem with this book was that even the plot twists he did throw in were not that exciting or shocking.  Out of the whole series Angels & Demons was definitely the best one, because the action was intense and the whole time you were trying to figure out who the bad guy could possibly be.  In The Lost Symbol you know who the bad guy is the entire time, and that takes away a lot of the mystery from the book.

If I were Dan Brown I would change several things about this story.  First off, like I said before, I would make sure I kept the antaganists identity a secret, so I could add to the mystery of the book.  Secondly, I would shorten up the ending.  Brown drags the story on way too far after the climax, and makes it almost a chore to read the ending.  Finally, I would make the Ancient Mysteries something more exciting than what it was.  The whole story surrounded them, and they turned out to be pretty boring, which in turn made the story pretty boring.

If you’d like a different opinion on the book, here is a review from the NY times.




2 responses

15 12 2009

I thought that the book was disappointing too. What did you think was the worst part of the book?

15 12 2009

The book sounds disapointing. To know who the bad guy is the entire story sounds like there isn’t any fun in reading this book.

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