The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (203-405)

10 12 2009

Well after a pretty slow start, just like all of Dan Brown’s other books, this story is finally beginning to excite me.  Malakh trapped Langdon in a coffin and drowned him alive.  What a horrible way to die!  Even though we are meant to believe that Langdon has died, I highly doubt that Dan Brown actually killed off the main character that easily.  I mean, this series without Robert Langdon would be like an Oreo cookie without the delicious cream filling that we all love so much.  I’m predicting that Katherine will discover the Ancient Mysteries, and that they will tell her a way to bring the deceased Robert Langdon back to life once more.  I really hope he isn’t dead for good anyways.

The Capitol Building in Washington D.C., where the story takes place.

One other prediction I have is that in the end of the story Robert Langdon and Katherine will actually find the Ancient Mysteries.  But they will choose to keep the a secret in order to protect the rest of the world from them.  Since in the wrong hands they could most likely be used to do extremely bad things.

Well I hope I’m right about my predictions, and I’ll keep you all updated on the story as I go along!




4 responses

10 12 2009

I agree with you about how Langdon isn’t dead yet, no author kills the main charcter before the story isn’t close to being done yet. Also i like your comparison with the oreo thing.

14 12 2009

Thanks I really liked my oreo comparison too.

10 12 2009

All of the predictions that you made are similar to what I think will happen. Do you think that the ancient mysteries will be real? I think that Langdon will find that they actually aren’t even real

14 12 2009

I hope they’re real, but I doubt they will be.

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